“I recently had a 30/15 Commercial Loan reach its maturity, and needed to pay the balance in full. My plan was to refinance into a 15 year loan when this time came. However, the over-haul of the lending regulations, coupled with the impacts of being self-employed, disallowed that option. Up to that point I never had an issue qualifying for a loan; but now I was being threatened with foreclosure by the conglomerate that bought the local bank that originally provided it to me.

Thank goodness for ARC. They communicated with the lender to hold off any foreclosure process, which preserved my good credit rating, and was able to secure a fair interest rate on the new loan. I really appreciated the way the staff kept me involved in the communication, by courtesy copying me in the emails as my loan progressed so I knew what was going on at all times. When I did call, my calls were either answered or promptly returned with answers to my questions.

The constant communication throughout this process lowered my level of stress enormously. “The loan was done in a timely and efficient manner, and the loan fees were exactly what I was quoted up front. I was very pleased with my “beginning to end” experience with this company. They took a very stressful and financially disastrous situation out of my hands and handled it excellently. If you want five star service and results you have to bank on, this is the place to trust.”- WJM