Investing In Trust Deeds With ARC Private Lending


Who Is ARC Private Lending and Who Are Our Investors?


ARC Private Lending is a Hard Money Lender, also known as a Private Money Lender.  We are a non-bank lender that makes loans that fall “outside the box” of bank lending standards.

Our Investors are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life who have extra cash.  They prefer to lend money and earn 9% to 12% interest,  rather than leave the cash in a bank account or money market fund earning 1% interest or less.

To compensate for moving quickly and funding loans banks won’t fund, our Investors charge higher rates than banks.

Most trust deed Investors work through a broker, such as ARC Private Lending, who brings together the borrower and the trust deed investor.  In some cases, ARC Private Lending allows multiple Investors to participate in funding a single trust deed.  This is a particularly common on larger, commercial real estate trust deeds.

Our Investors rely on us to perform the key tasks that ensure the loan is properly vetted and due diligence is done.  For example,we run the credit on the borrower, order the appraisal to determine the value of the real estate that is security for the loans, evaluate the loan to value ratio and sigh off on the acceptability of the title report and the loan documents.

We lend on properties located in California as well as in several other states in the USA.  Most all of the loans that our Investors fund are non-owner occupied real estate, commercial or business purpose loans.

If trust deed investing is a new investment strategy for you, or a familiar one, ARC Private Lending is committed to empowering you to make informed and educated loan decisions through close communication and industry information.