ARC Private Lending Does Non-Owner Occupied Loans


ARC Private Lending secures loans using a property you own or are buying.  The property is called the securing collateral.


In more simple terms, the borrower offers their property to the lender in exchange for a loan.  This way if the borrower stops making the loan payment the lender can take the property to recoup their losses.


Below are examples of non-owner occupied property that would qualify as the securing collateral.  A non-owner occupied home is NOT your primary residence.  It can be your second home or an investment property.


Non Owner Occupied Second Home Loan




Non Owner Occupied Loans



What Types of Loans Can You Do With Non-Owner Occupied Properties?


ARC Private Lending has three main types of loan programs that we can do with non-owner occupied properties.

  1. Non-Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans (also called Private Money Loans)
  2. Non-Owner Occupied Alternative Financing Loans


1. Non-Owner Occupied Hard Money Loan Program

Our non-owner occupied loans are for all property types located in the state of California.  We work with over 400 private investors to achieve lending terms that meet your current needs and investment goals.  If you have bad credit, are self-employed and can’t prove your income, or have issues with your property, this could be the loan program for you.

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2. Non-Owner Occupied Alternative Financing Loan Program

These loan programs fill the gap between conventional financing and hard money loans.  Alternative financing is for all property types.

This is for the borrower who doesn’t qualify for a bank loan but also doesn’t want a private hard money loan.

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