ARC Private Lending Hard Money Loan


What Is A Hard Money Loan?

ARC Private Lending is a company that offers financing in the specialized field of hard money loans, also known as private money loans, for all property types in California.  Our company works with over 400 private investors to achieve lending terms that meet their current needs and investment goals.  ARC Private Lending is dedicated to working with our borrowers to reach their current short and long term needs as well.  As the hard money lenders California trusts, our company makes underwriting decisions based on the individual merits of each loan request, not on an applicants’ past credit history or credit score. We are a real estate lender, so we will consider any loan application that is backed by real property.

Why Do Lenders Require Collateral?

When obtaining a hard money loan your lender will require you to provide the property as collateral to secure the loan. The loan serves as the lender’s interest in the property. The conditional ownership, or interest, that the lender takes on your property is known as a lien, which is a backup plan should you fail to meet your loan repayment commitment.

What Types of Properties Can ARC Private Lending Lend On?

With our combination of expertise and direct financing sources we have the option to lend on a variety of different property types .  Here are a few examples of the property types that ARC Private Lending has been able to get funding for:

  • Campgrounds
  • Hotels
  • Gas Stations
  • Strip Malls
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Vineyards
  • Single Family Residence
  • Multi-Unit Complex
  • Condominiums

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