hard money lender

Have you been trying to qualify for a mortgage loan but haven’t been able to find the right lender? Hard money lending could be the answer to your worries. A hard money lender works around the traditional loan system to qualify you for a custom loan. The best news? You don’t need a stellar credit score or a large sum of cash to qualify.

Hard Money Lending 101

The real estate arena is typically where hard money lending happens. Applicants use a property they’d like to buy as collateral to qualify for the loan. Hard money lenders look at the property value, rather than focusing on the credit requirements of the applicant. This gives those with poor credit a chance to qualify for a loan, even when traditional loans may be out of reach.

How a Hard Money Lender Benefits You

Choosing to work with a private money lender, or a hard money lender, could increase your chances of making a profit. These types of lenders first assess the collateral (in this case, the property) to see if it’s a sound investment with the potential for profitability. If it makes financial sense for them to grant funding, you’ll benefit by receiving the loan.

Hard money loans often have a faster processing time versus that of a traditional loan setup. Plus, there’s often no credit check involved. Many applicants also receive their funds within a week’s time. This is a much faster rate when compared to traditional loans.

Building a relationship is also part of seeking out a hard money lender. Since you’re dealing with that person directly, you’re able to put a face to your loan source. The private money lender could also be someone you turn to for further investments .

Finally, hard money lenders allow for flexibility in terms and conditions of the loan. You won’t have to jump through hoops to prove your loan-worthiness. As long as you can present your situation as profit-worthy to the hard money lender, you have a high chance of receiving the loan.

What Sets ARC Private Lending Apart?

ARC Private Lending’s mission is to serve the residents of Sacramento, CA and the surrounding area. We link hard money lenders to applicants who might not qualify for traditional loans. We guide you through the entire process of a private money loan from beginning to end. Our team of experts will connect you to the right private money loans so you can make your dream of owning (or flipping) a home a reality.

Find Your Next Hard Money Lender

ARC Private Lending can help you achieve ownership of a real estate property. Give us a call, send us an email, or connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re happy to help guide you through the process of hard money lending. Spend less time stressing out over loan applications and more time enjoying your new property!