10 states where real estate investment is cheap

Saving your money is smart. Investing your money is even smarter. Yet nowadays, the options for investing your hard-earned dollars are a dime a dozen. From stocks to bonds to mutual funds and back again, deciding on which investment choice is best for you can be difficult.

More recently, real estate has become another popular option for those looking to turn a profit. Financial experts generally consider real estate investing a more high-risk/high-reward alternative to the traditional securities out there.  Real estate investments are typically much more speculative, require more specialized knowledge, and offer bigger rewards than traditional stocks and bonds. While typically not recommended for those brand new to the investment game, for those with ample investing experience, real estate ventures offer the promise of big benefits.

So if you consider yourself well-qualified for turning a profit through the buying and selling of property, read on. We’ve put together a list of ten of the top states for buying a home with bad credit or good, so you can invest in real estate on the cheap and increase your odds at making a little extra money. If locating some of the most affordable properties for real estate investing in the U.S. interests you, then consider these hot spots.

1. Florida

Hands down, Florida takes the top spot on our list of investment-worthy states here in the U.S. In fact, numerous reports from the likes of CNBC to Forbes all hail the Sunshine State as the best location for real estate investors in 2016. Of particular note were the cities of Sarasota, North Port, Cape Coral, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando.

Why Florida? The state boasts a prosperous 3% population growth in recent years.  Plus, the rapidly accelerating home prices, averaging anywhere from $200,000 to $300,00, makes them affordable now yet much more highly valued in the years to come. In addition, the economy’s recent recovery from the 2008 financial crisis has made it once again a popular destination for vacationers and retirees alike.  This population boost is increasing the demand for jobs, the prosperity of businesses, and the allure for potential renters.

2. Michigan

Michigan, like Florida, has seen just over an approximate 3% growth in population over the last few years. More people moving to Michigan means more business, more renters, more demand for jobs, and likely more value for homeowners.

In particular, Grand Rapids seems to be one of the best cities in the state for investors. Employment rates are up almost 4% in addition to the rising population trends. Likewise, the city houses a diverse economic market, from the manufacturing of home furnishings to medical supplies to aerospace technology. All of these factors signal big bucks for smart real estate investors.

3. Texas

San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin are just a few prime spots for investors in the Texas area. The Lone Star State boasts a diverse economy with increasing demand for jobs thanks to the relocation of major businesses like Toyota, State Farm Insurance, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

This means cities across the southern state are likely to see rises in population, income, and job demand. Home prices right now are relatively cheap – anywhere from $200,000 to $280,000 in the metropolitan areas.  However, this won’t last as values are likely to increase tremendously in the years to come.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina’s own Charlotte also offers affordable homes with great earning potential. The city’s 5.5% recent population growth coupled with its affordable average home price of just under $230,000 make it another smart spot for those looking to buy a home.

Data estimates support this notion.  Research suggests that the value of homes in the area are likely to rise by 22% over the next three years.

5. Utah

Like Charlotte, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Utah also offers great promise with the same 22% home price growth estimate. Offering affordable houses in the million-resident city at approximately $260,000 per resident, Utah is a great spot for real estate investing.  Salt Lake is also seeing steady population growth and annual home price growth according to recent statistics.

6. Washington

Seattle, and most of Washington in general, stands as yet another lucrative location. This Pacific Northwest region is a prime destination for millennials who are currently entering their home buying years.  In fact, Seattle is set to see major growth in the upcoming years, both in population estimates and job estimates. In general, home prices are a little higher here – on average, approximately $370,000 in the metropolitan area – but if you have the funds, it’s earning potential is high.

7. Indiana

The state of Indiana makes our list due to its credibly affordable average home price (an average price tag in Indianapolis clocking in at a mere $175,000) paired with the projected home-growth price forecast of 17%. Rising job statistics and projected population increases only stand to further support Indiana as prime investment territory.

8. Tennessee

Tennessee takes one of our spots due to its average gross yield for investors clicking in at just over 8% last year. The city of Knoxville in particular saw nearly a 20% jump in the rental rates for single family homes during the early period this year.  That means big bucks for those owning property.  Plus, with average home prices costing around $200,000, it’s an affordable option with prosperous earning potential.

9. South Carolina

The slightly steeper price tag that marks the average South Carolina home may make it seem like a curious addition to our list.  However, the estimated 24% projected value increase of homes in the state over the next three years quickly puts that question to rest. Charleston offers homes at just under $300,000 but also boasts steady job and population growth as well.

10. Colorado

The Centennial State rounds out our list of top territories for real estate investors, with its capital offering the biggest and best opportunity for buying land. With an average 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home price of around $300,000, Denver’s a high-demand city with highly lucrative earning potential. Growing business forecasts and a well-rounded, diversified economy means it’s a city that will likely see positive returns for real estate investors.

From east to west, Saratoga to Seattle, there are many affordable investment opportunities for individuals like you across the country. Whether you’re a multi-millionaire with not a care in the world about hard money lenders in California or you’ve spent the better half of this year searching for how to get a mortgage with bad credit, there are plenty of investment options for you.